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Holy Hair!!!

Before kids, I had pretty decent hair. It wasn't thick, but it wasn't thin either.

Then came kids, then came hormone changes, then came health issues..... and my hair was just limp and wouldn't grow.

Starting in July 2020, I started a new Multi vitamin + Collagen. I didn't have high hopes because my body is a wreck and I have a hard time getting the nutrients from supplements (and food) that my body needs. Most things take forever to work for me or wayyyyyy more than recommended.

Because of my Hirshsprungs disease, my body metabolises everything very quickly.

Thank goodness for the technology behind the products I use now. I am able to ABSORB what's needed instead of waiting for my body to break it down.

Oct 2020 to August 2021.....

HOLY COW with the hair changes.

And not only I'd my hair getting healthier, so am I. My skin is better, my lashed are's overall health for me.

Let's talk more! Message me here

And if you're ready to jump right's the link to the product.

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