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Haircuts from home?!

If you are like me, you loathe making hair cutting appointments. I can make and keep them for myself, but with my kids, their hair grows so fast that I would need an every other week appointment to keep up. So when I came across The Haircut Box, I was intrigued.

Everything you need to be able to cut your families hair from home without all the hassle of figuring it out yourself. A box that comes with clippers, scissors, a cape and instructions, SO MANY INSTRUCTIONS!!!

After looking at this mop for WAY to long (its cute under his ballcap but that's it) I bit the bullet and I bought the box.

Here is what all came in the box that I purchased. When I say it comes with everything you need, I am not joking! We did the Baller Box, but there are also options for girls!

Drake did not trust me yet with the clippers since he is used to dad trimming his sides. So Jarid did do the sides, but I did the eurohawk cutting with the scissors. I am so excited with out it turned out. Its not perfect but his hair grows so quickly (and he's in a baseball hat 90% of the time) so its not a huge deal. I am excited to get better with each cut and hopefully he'll trust me with the clippers soon.

Ready to give it a try your self?! Get your box HERE! Use code Kollilynne for $15 off!!!

And follow Ashlie along on her Instagram to see tips and tricks and all the fun she shares.

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