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My favorite thing to do....

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I absolutely LOVE to give. I feel like its one of the easiest and best things we can all do.

Give a few minutes of your time to help a neighbor. Have extra food from your garden, help feed someone. You get what I am saying.

I believe that everything we give comes back to us tenfold.

This weekend I have the opportunity to share some of my FAVORITE products with some new people. Thanks to baseball, I couldn't make it to the party, but I did put together a great basket of items for one lucky person!

So if you were that lucky person, I am so EXCITED for you and can not wait to hear from you. Here you will find links to a ton of info on each item in your basket and why I love it.

So lets see what is in this cute basket!!!

Gummies - These CBD gummies are THC FREE (I know that is your first question). They are so yummy and come in regular or organic. I LOVE these around my house because they are quick and easy to pop in your mouth and can calm you in a few minutes. My kids also love these. We use them a lot before baseball games to help focus and stay calm.

Bath Bomb - Everyone deserves a little pampering. A nice hot bath with this bath bomb will help melt the anxiousness and body aches away.

Lotion - Dry skin, itchy skin, muscle aches, overall body aches....this yummy Lemongrass lotion will ease those hurts. It is non greasy and absorbs so quickly. I use this almost daily in the winter because my skin gets so dry in the winter. Its also great for after sports games and practices to help soothe the muscles.

CBD Daily - Sometimes a gummy just isn't enough. Daily tincture is CBD plus Curcumin (helps fight inflammation!!) Everything the gummy can do PLUS helps with pain relief. This is great to help with my IBS disease and just great for everyday.

Sleep - NO MORE MELATONIN!! That is what this little tincture has done for us. My kids brains just don't slow down fast enough for sleep. 1 -2 tiny drops (not droppers) and they are calm and out in 20 mins.

Hydrate - This is by far one of my favorites! I am naturally dehydrated, most people are, so getting those electrolytes into the body is essential. And to do it without a bunch of added sugar is AMAZING!! I can tell when I forget to drink this daily. My kids have started requesting this over Gatorade or Liquid IV!! It is pretty sweet at first because of the monk fruit used as the sweetener, so I always recommend starting small, half a scoop (or in this case, half a pkg) at a time with at least 16-20 oz of water.

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