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What's for dinner?!

I hate to cook.

There, I said it. Ok, so maybe the truth is I don't really mind cooking, I hate deciding what to cook EVERYDAY!! I know I'm not alone in this. The planning, the prepping, the shopping..... it can be sooo much. Then after you've done all that there is the complaining by someone that they don't like what was made.

Well, I've found a solution to help some of the problem. For the past few years, we've been ordering Home Chef prepared meals. I do the plan for 2 people and get 3-4 meals a week (on the weeks that I order).

I thought I'd share what me and Jarid had for lunch today. It had some ingredients (goat cheese) which are not on out normal menu but it was sooo good.

All ingredients for your meal come in their own labled bag with a recipe card.

The instructions are always easy to follow and are usually done in 30 mins or less.

It didn't turn out half bad.

I'm working on a discount code for y'all, but until then, I have 3 FREE BOXES to give away. So message me to claim them ASAP.

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