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New, new, new

This weekend is Maskcara's annual conference. I am supposed to be in Vegas right now with all my favorite girls learning all the new things, but I'm home multi-tasking and watching all the goodies online.

As the day goes on, I will continue to update here on the blog and in the Facebook group.

All orders can go through here.

Alright, first NEW product is here and it sounds amazing 👏!!

Usher in the Golden Age of skin care with M͟i͟l͟k͟ W͟i͟p͟e͟s͟. These gentle, 3-in-1 facial wipes remove makeup, cleanse impurities, and tone skin for an even, silky complexion. Milk Wipes are crafted with the opulent quality of Milk Cleanser and Milk Toner, so there’s no need to rinse- just finish with Milk Creme and bask in your effortless glow. Cheers to flawless skin, the true life of the party!

Who's excited to try them with me?!

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